About us

About TCA Auto Garage

TCA Auto Garage is your one-stop for all things cars. We have well-experienced employees who understand your vehicle. We have a specialized team of different services like car repair, bodywork, and detailing work. All the vehicle work like car repair, denting work is done after seeking customer approvals. Our Quality customer service monitoring consumer reviews to identify areas in need of improvement. We provide genuine advice to our customers and don’t add any additional charge.We offer very quick and efficient services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be UAE’s leading premium automotive service provider and expand our services into different parts of the globe thus felicitating a chain of premier luxury auto garages. Our conglomerate would not have forged ahead if it wasn’t for our driven employees and loyal customers. Hence our core revolves around being customer centric and being true to our promise

Our Mission

Since its conception, TCA Auto Garage sole mission has been to provide premium luxury car owners with a safe haven for their vehicles. Being a collector of finer things in life himself, AAG’s CEO wanted to build a place for his customers where they can be rest assured of the care and necessary precautions one needs to handle vehicles like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Range Rover; to name a few. All our technicians are thoroughly trained and are well versed with all the latest technology and equipment required. We aim to deliver a new essence of service where it redefines your experience of perfection.